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 After your driveway has been installed there are several steps you need to take to insure that your surface is maintained in the best possible manner.

Do not drive on the driveway for three days after it has been installed.  If the outside temperature is 90 degrees or higher you may want to wait to drive on it until you have had three consecutive days of temperatures under 90 degrees.

Until your driveway has fully cured and the surface is hardened completely, try to avoid twisting or turning your tires on the driveway.  Driving straight in and backing straight out will help you to avoid getting scuff marks on your new driveway surface.

After a six month period your driveway should be fully cured and you can contract someone to seal coat it for you.  If the six months should fall during the cold season, wait until spring or summer before you seal coat.

Seal Coat at least 6 months after driveway installation, not before. Your driveway needs to cure properly before seal coating.

C & J Paving, Inc. treats the surface where your driveway is to be installed. We treat it with a product designed to inhibit and prevent weed growth. Sometimes certain soil types are resistant to various weed inhibitors. If you notice any weeds or grass trying to come through a driveway which we installed, please call right away. The faster we can correct the situation, the happier everyone will be.

Some chemicals and car care products can stain your driveway if you should spill them on the surface. Jim has experience with chemical solutions which can clean up various stains. If you need our assistance or advice for removing a driveway stain, please give Jim a call at (302) 684-0211 and he will be glad to help you.