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Jim Reed


 Jim bought his first dump truck in 1985, and began hauling asphalt to various paving companies.  Jim would take the time to talk to the pavers who did the best work, and discuss their techniques, and he discovered that the science of the industry intrigued and excitted him.  Jim bought his own paving equipment and started C & J Paving, he used the basic techniques he had learned from others pavers, and added some of his own advances along the way.  The name C & J came from the initial "C" for his wifes name (Cathy) and the initial "J" for Jim.

Jim graduated from Cape Henlopen in 1978

Jim is currently renovating a 1972 Chevelle (similar to his first car)
we hope to use it in our advertising in the future.


Cathy Reed


 Cathy Reed sold Real Estate in the Delaware Beach area prior to becoming a partner in the family paving business. Cathy Runs the office and will make sure you receive certificates of insurance, copies of current business licenses, and anything else which you may require in order to keep your paperwork up to date. Cathy and Jim married right out of high school and in July of 2008 they will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.

Jim and Cathy met on April 8, 1977
They married on July 14, 1978
This information is provided so Jim will have a referrence point in order to not forget these dates!